04 October 2010

Who Is Me (Game)

Real Name - Cik Riang-Riang
Nickname(s) - Cik RR, that is all.
Age - 21
Current Location - Rawang
Eye Color - Dark Brown
Hair Color - Black
Height - 163 cm
Zodiac Sign - Gemini
Do you have a crush on someone - Seems like something I might do.
Have any pets - Yeah. I had a cat called comel. But his names doesn't represent his self at all!
Have a job - Yes. Working with my brother cause nobody will hire me. (sad)
Have any special talents or skills - I can make people laugh in 3 seconds (sigh)
Have any fears - Snake, Lizards, Frogs. There’s probably loads more I can’t think of.
Parents Still Together - Yup.
Piercings - ears
Tattoos - No
Siblings - 10 siblings. 4 girl, 6 boys. Boys win. LOL
Favourite colour - Black, Purple.
Favorite Animal - Cat.
Favorite Bands/Artists - In-Team (I'm a Nasyid Lover)
Why Blog? - It's FREE! I love all FREE stuff. *wink*wink*

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